web development done right

“So, what do you guys do? Make web pages?”

Yes, we can make web pages, design them too, but that's just one of many things we do as a full-service software development company. We aim to be able to provide any type of web development that you the client need in order to further your business goals. Whether that is building you a simple informational site with an easy to use content management system, or a fully scalable rich-media web application built to accommodate any number of users, we can provide you a custom built solution.
We like to sum up our fundamental mission like this:
We focus on building custom web applications so that you can focus on building your business...

That, in a nutshell, is what we do. No matter the project size or complexity we would love to sit down and discuss how we can help your organization meet its goals. Below, we’ve broken out some of our previous work into feature sets, and grouped projects into general categories, so take a look if you have a chance. If you’d like more information about anything we do, please contact us info@lemurheavy.com



Scalable Rich-Media Application


Multi-Domain & Multi-User Custom CMS


Social Service Integration


Content Management System




Payment, Store & Inventory


Custom Remote Data Gathering


Feature Experiments


featured development coveralls.io

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Coveralls.io , because a coverage lapse can sink apps. Coveralls helps you ensure that all your new code is fully covered, and see trends in the total coverage as they emerge. Figuring out where your tests are lacking can be painful. You're already running your tests on a continuous integration server, so shouldn't it be doing the heavy lifting? Works with any CI service and is always free for open source. Adds a badge image with the current coverage to your project's Github read-me, and adds a comment notice on pull requests to let you know how coverage has changed.

featured development tandemvault.com

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tandemvault.com , is a digital asset management system specifically designed for organizations and individuals who regularly deal with storing, curating, sharing, and licensing large amounts of visual assets. The service leverages cloud based storage and management to allows you to securely upload, access, organize and share all your important visual files with your clients, your business partners or within your entire organization.

featured development lowes plant a tweet

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Lowes Plant a Tweet is a Ruby on Rails application that features a custom Twitter listener, Pinterest and Foursquare API integrations, responsive design to accommodate desktop down to mobile users, HTML5 sound effects and animated elements drawn in canvas using Paper.js to create a real-time updated garden. Users plant flowers with a tweet and then nurture and grow them with retweets, pins, and Foursquare updates all in pursuit of a limited number of Lowes gift cards. Design by Use All Five in conjunction with BBDO.

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Heroku Postgres is as a hybrid Ruby application that lets users create, manage, and destroy dedicated postgres databases via a web based control panel. It uses Rails for front end user interaction and an asynchronous flavor of Sinatra to proxy API calls to Heroku. The design, front-end development, and asynchronous API call system were all developed by LEMUR Heavy, all database, fundamental API, and payment systems were developed by Heroku, Inc.

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jobs.heroku.com Design, illustration and implementation of a new jobs page that is integrated with a 3rd party applicant and resume tracking application as well as custom feed scraping to import organizational data not available in the 3rd party API. Additionally random image rotation based upon a second 3rd party service used by the client for image hosting slotted into different sections of the jobs page based on meta tags imported along with the images via the API.

featured development Owlaxy

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Owlaxy is a social service that revolves around encouraging family and friends to contribute to 529 accounts, a tax-free educational savings structure. The site involves rich social media features, image galleries and sharing, news updates, and extensive permissions controls to make sure that information about your family stays where you want it. The donation system relies on a custom-built payment and ACH funds transfer engine that integrates with a number of the nation's most popular 529 financial providers.


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  • Multiple file direct upload to S3 from browser
  • Asynchronous processing of image & video with 3rd party services
  • S3 cloud storage
  • Batch image processing and downloading
  • Continuous scroll content loading


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  • Flash Media Server for video streaming / encoding
  • Webcam video capture & storage via FMS
  • S3 cloud storage
  • EC2 cloud processing
  • Custom video player / recorder skin
  • Custom automated payment delivery service


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  • Store / Cart / Checkout / Inventory System
  • Custom CMS
  • 2 way Fulfillment company API creation and integration


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  • S3 cloud storage
  • EC2 cloud processing
  • Webcam video capture & storage via Flash Media Server
  • Sitewide user activity stream system
  • Chargify subscription payment integration
  • Project management system
  • Realtime ratings meter

bank of nevada

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  • Permission and multi-level approval system for content management
  • Multiple domain content management from single admin
  • Edit-in-place content updating with control panel overlay

multi-site leadgen

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  • Multiple domain content management from single admin
  • Per site admin permission system
  • User submission IP tracking
  • Integration with Targus data validation service
  • Engine Yard Appcloud hosting


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  • Chargify subscription payment integration
  • Social integration
  • Custom Ruby gem
  • Command line app & website integration